Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sorry I've been gone....

I am no longer with Buster, so It is actually surprising that I'm actually KEEPING this Blog open.
My brother-in-law actually kept whinning that he wanted me to keep updating it. Because I watched soooo many movies, I was almost his own rating system.
I guess he got "Meet the Fockers" from Colombia House or something, and actually sent it back. All because of my "rating".
Kind of an ego boost.
Now, I'm not watching as MANY movies as I used to, but I'll still try to update. Instead of sticking to just new releases, I want to put up reviews for ALL movies. Including ones from the past that I've seen. THAT might actually make it so I update more often.
I look forward to any comments on my reviews too! Just remember, they are MY opinions, so please don't blast me on them. Feel free to disagree, but please be nice about it.
Hope everyone has a great time in 2006,

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blade: Trinity (DVD)

Rating: Bow Down

This one is kind of an inbetweener.

I thought it was a good movie, but I LOVE the Blade Series, sooo.....
Bow Down
I loved the casting in this one too!
Tripple H? That almost seems TOO close to the truth. Am I the only one who, when seeing him as a vampire bully, went "Yup! THAT makes sense!!"???
Parker Posey. Didn't she look cute with fangs? Oops, maybe that's just me.
Ooo Ooo! Van Wilder as a Wise-ass, Ex-Vampire?!? AWESOME!
Please tell me there are other fans of "Convoy" that giggled when they saw Kris Kristofferson behind the wheel of a big rig? Now, if you checked out the Blooper-Reel, HE even made a joke about it! It RULED!!!

Lemony Snicket's... (DVD)

Rating: Bow Down

VERRRRY true to the books!
I have to say, I'm not a big Jim Carey fan, but I think that he did justice to Count Olaf. They did an AWESOME job with the casting. Even though you'd think that a baby's role isn't that big, the munchkin that played Sunny had great facial expressions that, if you read the books, you could SEE Sunny making.
Another small role that was great to see, was that of Lemony Snicket, himself. I think Jude Law did a great job, and I also like that they never truly showed him. Not to say that I don't LIKE Jude Law, I do! But, in the books, he was just the narrator. So, if they gave Lemony a bigger role, it would have been wrong.
The only thing that I didn't like, was that they said what caused the fire. In the books, he's only HINTED at the fact that it could be Olaf. Lemony's never said outright, that Olaf did it.

Other than THAT...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meet the Fockers (DVD)

Rating: Crying 2

I didn't even last a 1/2 hr! I had to turn it off! I think the ONLY thing I liked Ben Stiller in was Dodge Ball! Possibly because he gets his face flattened by a dodgeball! I don't like movies that try to be funny, but they're more GOOFY than anything!
GAWWWWWWWD I can't keep talking about it! EWWWWWWW

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ocean's 12 (DVD)

Rating: Pouty
It was O.K. ...

I was disappointed with a couple of things though. Bernie Mac. Was he ACTUALLY in it? I THOUGHT I saw him. For all of 10 minutes, TOTAL!That kinda goes for the rest of the cast too. It should have been Ocean's 5! The Damon, Clooney, Roberts, Zeta-Jones-Douglas & Pitt Show
The Brothers from Utah barely fought! Don Cheadle didn't even blow anything up?
Want to know something funny? While looking to make sure that I spelled everyones name right, IMDB.com (Internet Movie Data Base), I found out that Matt Damon wasn't even IN it I guess! Hehehe! Benniffer's little brother Casey has a credit, but not Benniffer's best Bud Matt! Even Topher Grace from "That 70's Show" & Bruce Willis who are "uncredited" are CREDITED!!

Ok, The things I liked?!?
~Julia, playing Tess, playing Julia!
~Everyone telling Bruce Willis that THEY realized the ending of "Sixth Sense" at a certain scene.
~The little Chineese kid doing backflips on the bed because he was finally out of a duffle bag!
~Zeta-Jones-Douglas knowing to look for Bernie Mac's big tough character, at a NAIL SALON!! Was Mac's character O.C.D.? Hmmm?
~The Dad in "Big Fish" being the "King of Theives" & Catherine Z.J.D.'s Dad!
That's it.

Overall: It was pure marketing. Did they NEED to make it? Nope. Why'd they make it?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Mercenaries (XBox)

Rating: Pouty
"Grand Theft Military"

It was decent. I had fun with it. The only thing I didn't like was the "travel time." You finish a mission at the top left of the map, and the next thing it wanted you to do was at the bottom right of the map. Lots of back and forth. I think I had more fun just exploring the maps, trying to get all the collectibles.

Closer (DVD)

Rating:Crying 2
SUPER Chick Flick!!

Honestly, the only reason I rented it was because I heard Natalie Portman did research on "Pole Dancing" at strip clubs for this role. WHY? I have NO IDEA!! She was barely in any scenes where she actually danced!
Hey, maybe she just USED the role as an excuse to hang out at strip clubs!?!? Makes more sense that way!

New rating system!

Because I was asked, sarcastically I might add... I've put together a little rating system!!
If I LOVED it: Bow Down
If it was OK: Pouty
If I reailized I wasted a FREE rental on IT!: Crying 2

I've gone back to the other posts and added ratings to them.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

God of War (PS2)

Rating: Bow Down
This game RULES!! Plain & Simple.
It's SUPER violent, has AWESOME graphics, shows Boobies, AND has a great story!

There are points in the game where I got frustrated because I didn't "get" what I needed to do, but then I figured it out & kept going. I don't think that there was a point where I wanted to give up alltogether and return the game, so THAT's a plus! (There HAVE been games that I probably won't play again, because of stuff like that.)

If you play it... Power up your blades & the "Army of Hades" as quick as you possibly can. You'll thank me for it!

The Incredibles (DVD)

Rating: Bow Down
I watched it 1 day, played the game the next, and had to turn off the game & watch the movie again because I HAD to!
There aren't many movies that MAKE me want to watch them again, atleast not as quick as this one did!
Everyone who did a voice for the movie MADE the movie. If it had had different actors doing the voices, I'm not sure I would have liked it as much. "Coach" ruled as Mr. Incredible! Jason Lee? Who knew he could be a good Bad Guy? ;-)